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Short Film

Our Short Film is a highly ambitious biopic on Major Lanoe Hawker VC DSO, Britain's first WW1 "Ace" and pioneer of early aviation combat.


The story is based on the action of 25th July 1915, when Capt Hawker became the first British pilot to successfully shoot down an enemy aircraft, by mounting a Lewis Gun to the side of his Bristol Scout - 1611.

Maj Lanoe Hawker VC DSO

Lanoe Hawker joined the Army as an Officer Cadet with the Royal Engineers, and learned to fly at his own expense in 1913. He joined the Royal Flying Corps three days before war broke out. As with all aviation in the early days of WW1, Hawker's job as a pilot was primarily that of an observer. As aircraft began to encounter their opposite number, revolvers and rifles were fired, but with little success. Forward facing machine-guns without the (later invented) interrupter gears, were not mounted on the faster "Tractor" type aircraft, for fear of shooting off one's own propellor. Hawker, with a naturally aggressive attitude and a passion for mechanical inventions, worked with Mechanic Ernest Elton to mount a Lewis Gun to the side of his Bristol Scout, away from the propellor arc. 

His victories on 25th July 1915, on top of his sustained bravery since the outset of war, resulted in the awarding of the Victoria Cross. The third VC given to an Airman, and the first for Air to Air combat with another Aeroplane.

Promoted to Major, Hawker was given command of 24 Squadron, Britain's first single-seater scout (fighter) squadron. The squadron flew Airco DH2 "Pusher" type machines and were tasked with defending observation aircraft and ultimately ending the period of German air superiority known as the "Fokker Scourge".

On 23rd November 1916, grounded for much of the year, and flying an unfamiliar machine, Hawker engaged combat with an Albatros Type Dii over the Somme Battlefield. The "Dogfight" was the longest recorded aerial duel of the war, and one which cost Hawker his life. The German pilot was Manfred Von Richthofen (The Red Baron).

Feature Film

Our first priority is creating a great short film (Approx 15-20mins) focussed on Hawker's famous victories on 25th July with Bristol Scout 1611. It is our great hope that a successful and well received short film will provide a good "Proof of Concept" to enable us to secure funding or partnership with larger producers to make a full length feature film.

If funded, our feature would be the first British film about the Royal Flying Corps since 1976 (Ace's High) and and would cover the events from 25th July through to Hawker's last dogfight with Manfred Von Richthofen.

Artist Unknown - Please contact for Credit or Removal

Middle Realm Productions


Middle Realm Productions is a small production company started in 2016. We moved to our new home in North Ayrshire, Scotland in 2020. The company was formed to produce our own drama films and corporate videos. "Hawker" will be the fourth Short Film written and Directed by Daniel Arbon.

For more information visit and follow us on social media.

Daniel Arbon

Daniel has always had an interest in Aviation, and originally trained in Aerospace Manufacturing, serving a Modern-Apprenticeship with Rolls Royce (In a factory built to manufacture “Merlin” engines during WW2). He went on to RMA Sandhurst, as Officer Cadet in the British Army in 2005, before being Medically-Discharged, and moved into Property Development and Construction. He began his career in the arts as an Actor, graduating from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 2011. 

Always having a passion for film, he learned filmmaking from his time on film sets as an actor and set builder. He made his first film “Ironheart” in 2016 and formed a company Middle Realm Productions, producing his own short dramas and corporate films.  He continues to work as an Actor and Set builder/Prop maker in theatre and film alongside his own projects.

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